Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cool Technologies & Business Values

Those of us who are in IT, love new and cool technologies. We always want to get our hands on the newest technologies, do some exciting projects, and always hope that our employers jump on the coolest technologies ASAP. Sometimes, we get so consumed with our desire that we feel the need to promote the latest technologies every opportunity we get. If we don't get to work with something new, we get disappointed and disheartened.

But do all cool technologies bring values to an organization? A successful business organization needs to generate healthy revenue and maintain growth in a competitive market. In order to achieve success, an organization may need to provide new and innovative services, explore new markets or invent new products. Sometimes, new and exciting technologies may provide an avenue for success; but not always. We should not forget business objectives amidst our desire to touch a new piece of technology. As Solutions Architects, we may choose to use the coolest technologies in the world; but if they don't bring any business values then the coolest technologies serve zero purpose.

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