Sunday, November 6, 2011

System of Engagement?

It is amazing to see how social media has transformed our lives today. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are not only playing a huge part in our personal lives; but are also starting to influence the corporate world in a major way. We all know that many organizations are utilizing social media to promote businesses and expand network. Is that it?? Not at all…

Influence of social media has penetrated far deeper into the corporate world. Organizations are starting to take tips from sites like Facebook, and build a collaborative environment for their employees. Even new ideas are being explored when designing large scale systems or applications. Same old traditional systems are starting to look rigid and boring. Don’t get me wrong, they get the job done; but people want more. The need to utilize the collaborative nature and richness of social media as well as mobile devices into Enterprise systems will probably grow more and more as newer and younger generation join the workforce. Are we going to see a shift towards Systems of Engagement? Geoffrey Moore’s discussion about Systems of Engagement and Ray Wang’s blog about moving from Transaction to Engagement makes me wonder. Maybe, it’s too early to predict such a change in system design; but my question would be why not?

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