Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventure Continues...

When I decided to leave my previous employer Rising Medical Solutions back in June, many people thought that I was crazy. Why? Because I left without a source of income. After quitting my job, we traveled for couple of months. Very active and great time. After travelling to Cyprus, Bangladesh and England, we got back to the States in August. Soon after we came back to Chicago, we decided to make another change.... This time we decided to relocate to Massachusetts after living in Midwest for 21 years. Now we are in Massachusetts, temporary staying with family; but very soon we are moving to a rental place. My daughter has started a new school. Very soon the nomadic life is coming to an end. I still don't have a job; but starting to look with more intensity. Something will come up.

I thought I would blog more frequently while I was travelling; but didn't happen. Finally, I am starting trying to get back to blogging. Oh yeah... I figured, since I have made so many changes why not switch my blog host. Now I will be blogging at instead of My old blogs still can be found here

Do I regret my decision? Not at all... New place, new beginning and the adventure continues.

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