Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is a Message??

Today, I was recalling an event that took place some time ago. I was in a meeting with both technical and non-technical folks. We were discussing a project using Microsoft BizTalk server. Obviously, a lot of discussion surrounding data integration, work flows and XML data. Naturally, all the technical folks were using the term 'Messages' constantly. Suddenly, one of the non-technical person posed a set of questions... “what is a message?”, “it seems you guys are talking about data; so, why not say data?”, “why message?”

I had to pause for a moment, and try to formulate an answer for a non-technical person. I have been using the term “message” for such a long time that I never really paid much attention; took it for granted, I guess. Is it simply data or is it a bit more, especially when we talk about EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)?

So my answer was somewhat like this adressing a non-technocal person...... Messages are sometimes more than just data; almost like means of communication with intelligent data. A message can contain several things such as security details, data, and even instructions to handle the data appropriately. So, when a requester sends a message to a service provider, it gives the service provider an ability to evaluate the credential of the requester, and process the data in an effective manner.

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