Sunday, February 19, 2012

Technical Documents - Express More with Less

It is not uncommon for systems analysts, software developers and architects to produce series of documentation during all the phases of software development life cycle. We call these documents by many names. Business Requirement Document (BRD), System Requirements Specification (SRS), Functional Requirements Specification (FRS), System Design Documents (SDD) and Technical Design Document (TDD) are some examples. Many people and organization call these documents by various names; but they more or less serve the same purpose.

When I come across these documents every now and then, I observe the same things – limited diagrams, and full of paragraphs and words. As if someone is writing a technical novel. Am I the only one who feels that one can express more with less? Sometimes, different types of technical diagrams go a long way in expressing business and technical needs. In addition, documents can be structured utilizing bullets, numberings and many other formatting options. These formatting options enable one to write less and still be able to convey a lot more information to the readers. Personally, I lose focus reading through paragraphs full of technical information. My focus is somehow better when I go through a well formatted document with good design diagrams. Maybe, it’s me; but I am a big supporter of expressing more with fewer words when it comes to technical documentation.

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